DbD – FPS optimization

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Go to your File Explorer Type the following inside the bar.

%appdata% click on AppData, click on Local, click on DeadByDaylight, click on Saved, click on Config, click on WindowsNoEditor, Click on GameUserSettings, Changed the following settings…

If these settings are lower keep it at it. But sg.ShadowQuality=0 is a must have.









And change inside the same folder




After this your saving the file.

Rightclick on GameUserSettings properties and change attributes: To Read-Only marked. then hit apply! NOTE: You need to do this, in order to make it work!

NOTE! Everytime a new patch comes out you need to do this again! (And Turn off Read-Only)

Picture for better understanding! LINK HERE!

If this was working for you let me know please!

EDIT: A legend for you guys! For the settings that I adjusted in this guide! And why… Please read everything before commenting!

Graphical Options! 3 = Ultra 2 = High 1 = Medium 0 = Low

sg.ResolutionQuality=100 (The Quality of all Images within the game, with your own resolution, THIS SHOULD NOT BE TWEAKED WITH.)

sg.ViewDistanceQuality=2 (The Quality of how far things are getting seen, the closer you get the more beautiful it will be, how further you get how less beautiful it is, on 0 everything will look shit until your close and on 3 everything look almost the same no matter where your standing.)

sg.AntiAliasingQuality=2 (The Quality around Objects, this makes the game look better around edges of the environment!)

sg.ShadowQuality=0 (The Quality of Shadows, All objects in this game has there own shadow, for almost every CPU/GPU (Brain/Looks) This is a heavy undertaking in this game. If you make it 0, almost all of it will be gone. And I have seen Insane FPS increases to a really stable game on most systems when this was turned to 0.)

To my opinion: The developers went a bit insane with those shadows…

sg.PostProcessQuality=2 (The Quality of Images, Sets the resolution with which glow effects are rendered, which tends to be a minimal difference, this means all glow effects within the game.)

sg.TextureQuality=3 (The Quality of All Textures within the game, if you don’t have much GPU RAM (Looks Workspace) then this setting should be 0) (low – 0) = 1GB. (medium-high 1-2) = 2GB. (ultra 3) = 4GB+. If your familair with the amount you have you can adjust this, if your crashing with your game, lowering this value could stop crashes from happening!

sg.EffectsQuality=1 (The Quality of All Effects within the game, for example the nurse hand when she is casting her blink, or when you get hooked as survivor. Or hook someone as killer. This blood is the Effect! Certain systems seem to have a lagg spike at FPS while there is this blood on your screen, lowering this value will remove it!)

bUseVSync=False (This is the Vsync option, known in many other games to cap your game to either 30 or 60 fps. This is Always True on standard settings, adjusting this to False, will mean that the cap on your FPS will be gone and your system will try to get higher on FPS… Whenever possible!)

ScalabilityLevel=1 (Lowering this value to 1 from the original 100, will also increase FPS, you won’t notice much in your graphics and looks, but for some reason is kind of heavy. It tries to balance things out for you. But for some reason it’s not really working well on DeadByDaylight, don’t really have a better explanation for that one)

Now to react on the comments below…

Thanks for your interest! I agree there should be something like graphic options inside the game. Until now we have to do it this way…

Lowering all the settings to 0 will indeed improve FPS, but your game will look really bad. Just look at the Legend and try to see what suits best for your system and liking! (sg.ResolutionQuality, bUseVSync and ScalabilityLevel. Aren’t adjustable with 0! And you should read them carefully, Let the value the same or adjust it like the guide said!)

Always make a backup for your files if something goes wrong!

The shadows are mostly gone with the guide settings, however the rest still looks pretty decent to my opinion, and yes you can try it out for yourself!

I hope this helped to clear things up!

One more thing as reminder!! you can only adjust the settings (again) if you turn off Read-Only! (which is explaind in the guide above) If a patch comes out you have to adjust this file!