Laptop cooling – ThrottleStop

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How to lower Voltage for you CPU/GPU with ThrottleStop. This works only with a Intel CPU!

I use a Intel Core i7 9750H CPU in a Acer Predator Triton 500 PT515-51

All you do with ThrottleStop is on your own risk!!

Starter Code Still in Progress

					1. Download / Install ThrottleStop.
1.1 optional Download / Install HWMonitor for better monitoring.
					Set Settings like in the picture if you have a Intel Core i7 9750H else search in the internet for settngs or do it by try and error.
The "OnTop" Setting is only that the Window is Always on Top that you should uncheck!

This are my allDayLong settings, Disable Turbo Settings can be a huge impact on the Cooling Performance.

Click on FIVR and TPL the change the Settings
					i'm tesing around turbo mode. I use this atm, works fine so far.