GitHub – VSCode

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In Console

					// Set up git Account globaly
git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""
					// Check User Config
git config --list
					// Start github
git init                                                           // start tracking current directory
git add -A                                                         // add all files in current directory to staging area, making them available for commit
git commit -m "commit message"                                     // commit your changes
git remote add origin    // add remote repository URL which contains the required details
git pull origin master                                             // always pull from remote before pushing
git push -u origin master                                          // publish changes to your remote repository


					1. Ctrl+Shift+P / F1
2. Publish to Github
					git rm -r --cached your-directory-to-delete
git commit -m 'Removed unused directorys"'
git push origin main