Sonoff – Touch US tasmota flashing

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Wait until the all is done!


Get the IP direct from tasmotizer


I got this error and had to change my USB -> TTL converter!

Setup Tasmota

					Connect to your new flashed Sonoff over WiFi

SSID will be something like that "tasmota_xxxxxx-xxxx" without a password

Now connect in browser to

The tasmota interface will show up

add your WiFi credentials

if an error showsup restart device

ifnot get the
					button function_____________________________

setoption14 0
pulsetime1 10

MY Switch settings

savedata 1
SetOption13 1

setoption1 1
switchmode 5
setoption32 4
statetext4 Hold
buttontopic 1
setoption11 1

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