MtG – Lessons learnd

Table of Contents



Lesson #1: Fighting against human nature is a losing battle 

Lesson#2: Aesthetics matter 

Lesson #3: Resonance is important 

Lesson#4: Make use of piggybacking

Lesson#5: Don’t confuse “interesting” with “fun” 

Lesson #6: Understand what emotion your game is trying to evoke

Lesson #7: Allow the players the ability to make the game personal

Lesson #8: The details are where the players fall in love with your game

Lesson #9: Allow your players to have a sense of ownership

Lesson #10: Leave room for the player to explore

Lesson #11: If everyone likes your game, but no one loves it, it will fail

Lesson #12: Don’t design to prove you can do something

Lesson #13: Make the fun part also the correct strategy to win

Lesson #14: Don’t be afraid to be blunt

Lesson #15: Design the component for its intended audience

Lesson #16: Be more afraid of boring your players than challenging them

Lesson #17: You don’t have to change much to change everything

Lesson #18: Restrictions breed creativity

Lesson #19: Your audience is good at recognizing problems and bad at solving them

Lesson #20: All the lessons connect

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