Ionic – Fast Start

Table of Contents

Install Ionic

You have to Install nodejs first! To use “npm”

					npm -version        // Check npm Version
node --version      // Check node Version

Then run in console as ADMIN

					npm install -g @ionic/cli           // install ionic global on your system
					npm uninstall -g ionic              // try this if it didn't work
npm install -g @ionic/cli

First Ionic App

					ionic start myApp tabs
					cd myApp                    // navigate to dir
ionic serve                 // start webserver
Add new componets
					ionic g                     // with console inputs
					ionic g page "NAME_PAGE"    // Direct

Deploy for Android

					ionic build				// build if never built
ionic cap add android	// add android support if not added while start
ionic cap copy			// Builds and Copy Web Assets to Capacitor native platform
ionic cap sync			// update Project Data
ionic cap open android  // opens Project in Android Studio
					adb devices             //checks android device connection

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