Raspberry Pi – Bluetooth Cheatsheet

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Bluetooth Cheatsheet


Bluetooth service

# Get the status of the Bluetooth service.
service bluetooth status

# If the Bluetooth service is not running, start it.
service bluetooth start

# Stop the Bluetooth service only if required.
service bluetooth stop

Pairing a Bluetooth device

# Once a device is paired it should automatically pair in future.

# Start the Bluetooth utility.

# Make sure the Bluetooth device is powered on.
power on

# Make sure an agent is running for the Bluetooth device.
agent on

# Start a scan for other Bluetooth devices in the area.
scan on

# Wait for the required Bluetooth device to be reported...

# Stop scanning when the required Bluetooth device is found.
scan off

# Attempt to pair the required Bluetooth device.
pair <dev>

e.g. <dev>=00:1D:A5:F7:FF:0D

# Pairing normally prompts for a password. Standard Bluetooth pairing passwords
# are: 0000 or 1234, try these if you are unsure of the password.

# If pairing fails or propt for password does not appear, try the following, and
# then try paring again.
agent off
power off
power on
agent on

# Once paired it should appear in the list of paired devices.

# You can now leave the Bluetooth utility and the device should be paired and
# ready for use.

Creating a serial device for use in the OBDII application

# rfcomm associates the paired device ID with a serial device name.
rfcomm bind 0 <dev>

# The device it should create is:

# To remove the serial device do the following if required.
rfcomm release <dev>

### Shouldn't need this command, force rfdevices to stop.
### rfkill list

Unpairing a Bluetooth device

# Start the Bluetooth utility.

# Unpair the Bluetooth device if required.
remove <dev>

# Make sure the agent is stopped for the Bluetooth device.
agent off

# Make sure the Bluetooth device is powered down.
power off

# Exit the Bluetooth utility.

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